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You Can Turn Your Boring Campfire Into Magical Rainbow Flames. Here’s How.

Ahhhh this is the coolest thing ever which is why we do this every year.

Camping will be taken to the next level because you can turn your boring ol’ orange/red flames into magical rainbow flames!!

These are called Magic Flames because they are pretty much magic!

These are packets that you simply toss into your campfire and watch as the magical rainbow effect happens.

The packets produce vibrant, rainbow colored flames including dark and light blues, purple, red, green and yellow!

As the packet burns in the flames, it turns the flames into an array of rainbow colors. It is seriously so cool to watch in person.

The best part is, this flame show lasts an hour per packet!

You can get a pack of 25 Magical Flames right on Amazon for around $25.00 here. That’s just $1 per pack!!

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