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Target Is Selling A Tiny Magnetic Hanging Succulent For Just $6 And I Want One

You guys, my wishes have been answered because I’ve finally found a replacement to hang around the mirror in my car! This is currently what I have and it’s time for a change.

Courtesy of Tillys

I’m already in love and I haven’t even purchased it yet but don’t worry, that time is coming the next time I visit Target. 

Not only will you agree that you need this too, but your wallet will thank you because this is inexpensive and super cute, and that’s a rarity. 

Target is selling a tiny hanging succulent that is MAGNETIC so you can hang it in your car without having to wrap it around your rearview mirror!

Usual mirror decor hang around your car mirror; however this product, allows you to use the magnetic plate at the top to hang it right underneath!

Courtesy of Target

A white based pot and a baby succulent is all you need to show off your succulent obsession. Let me just say, this will look perfect in my car. 

Courtesy of Target

You can purchase the magnetic hanging succulent for ONLY 6 bucks and who says you can’t make a quick run to Target, because this is totally worth it. 

Courtesy of Target

By the way, if you do head in-store, you can find this down the school supply isle where the locker decor is. You’re welcome!

What are doing?! Go on and get it!