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Manifest a Better You: Losing Weight with the 369 Method

Many people may scrunch their noses and express their doubts after hearing anyone talk about manifestation and the laws of attraction.

Try asking someone who has really tried manifesting, though. Nine times out of 10, you’ll find yourself listening to someone gushing about how they achieved their dreams, both big and small.

What Is Manifestation All About?

Manifestation is all about letting your positive thoughts and your actions fall into alignment.

The principles behind manifestation and the laws of attraction are simple. They teach that practicing positive thoughts will allow you to reap positive results. 

By manifesting our goals and desires, we are basically developing something tangible by translating positive thought, firm belief, and strong intent into everyday actions. That’s something many manifestation newbies miss.

Positive thinking is only half of manifesting. The second half is letting your thoughts and intent guide you towards taking concrete actions.

Manifesting Your Weight Loss

You can use manifestation to achieve all sorts of goals. Maybe you want to gain more confidence, land your dream job, or reconnect with an old flame. If you can think it, you can manifest it.

For today, though, let’s focus on a goal that’s near and dear to many of us — losing weight. The world is opening up again, but I know many of us are still struggling to shed the pounds we gained while in quarantine.

There are countless diet programs and exercises we can follow to lose weight effectively. At the very core of it all, we all know what works. The problem is sticking to a healthy diet and getting regular exercise.

Let’s all be real, losing weight is usually less about finding the right strategy but more about sticking to one. I don’t know how many weight loss resolutions I’ve started out strongly in the new year before dropping out even before February ends.

Manifesting weight loss helps you get into the right mindset. Believing you can do it and allowing your desire for change to fill you helps make losing weight feel natural, easy, or even fun.

The Viral 369 Manifestation Method

There are many ways you can manifest losing weight. But for me, the most effective way was the 369 manifestation method.

This is the manifestation method that people all over TikTok were going crazy over earlier this year. You might have even seen it on your For You Page already. TikTok videos with the hashtag #369method already have 178.6M views combined.

So, what’s with 369, you might ask?

According to numerology and Nikola Tesla (yes, that famous engineer guy), the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are “divine numbers.” Tesla was even quoted saying that these three numbers are “the key to the universe.”

According to numerology and number symbolism, the number 3 is associated with our link or connection to the universe. Meanwhile, the number 6 represents the strength inside us and the number 9 reflects change, growth, and release of negativity.

How To Manifest Weight Loss With The 369 Method

There are two ways people have been trying out the 369 method. One is easier, while the other is more deeply rooted in numerology and spans over a month of daily manifesting.

The One-Day Journaling Approach

The easier 369 method only requires a day of journaling and deep manifesting. Still, you will need to live and embody the intent and goal you’re manifesting going forward.

For this approach, you will need to write the name of what you want three times. After that, write your intention six times and your desired action nine times.

When writing your intention and action, make sure to do it in the present tense and make it as specific as possible. More importantly, try to feel the emotion you would have when you achieve your goal. 

The 33-Day Journaling Approach

The second 369 method is the one that I used to make my weight loss a reality. I won’t discount the effectiveness of the first approach, what with millions of TikTokers attesting to it. 

But if you’re trying to lose weight or wanting to achieve a long-term goal, then this 33-day 369 method is the one I truly recommend following. Consistency is key to the 369 method. Once you start, commit yourself to see it through the entire 33 days.

Here’s how to manifest weight loss with the 369 method using your journal:

Choose Your Manifestation

Look deep into yourself to find the right words to manifest. Your statement should carry your full intent and aptly describe what you want to attract. For the 369 method, the manifestation needs to last for 17 seconds. This generally means one long sentence or two short ones.

Why 17 seconds, you ask? Seventeen seconds is said to be the time it takes for our brains to focus on a thought or idea and create more of that energy.

Start your manifestation by giving thanks — whether to the universe or to a higher being, that’s all up to you. Use words that would amplify and show your emotion, as well.

Journal 3 Times After Waking Up

The next step is to take this manifestation to heart and write it in your journal three times. Knowing how important the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are, you can try to set your time accordingly.

Now, after journaling your manifestation thrice, it’s time to release. Rather than holding on too tightly and being desperate, it’s better to relinquish control and trust that the universe will work its magic.

Journal 6 Times at Lunch Time

Then, at around midday, write down your manifestation again. This time, do it six times. I did this during my lunch break, and it helped me to keep my goal and intention in mind as I prepared (or ordered) my lunch.

Like what you did in the morning, remember to release and move on after journaling. 

Journal 9 Times Before Sleep

Lastly, journal your manifestation nine times before going to sleep. Remember to feel your intent and try to imbue your emotions into what you are writing. Same as you did earlier in the day, release your manifestation into the universe and find peace before going to sleep.

The three different times and the number of times you write your manifestation carry great significance.

The three times you do it in the morning are you setting your intention out into the universe.

The six times you journal at midday is to amplify the intentions you released. Finally, the nine times you do it before ending the day are you setting your manifestation into stone.

The Power of Mind Over Matter

Whenever you write down your manifestations, make sure you feel the intent and trust that it will work. Always remember that there’s no room for doubt and wishy-washy emotions in manifesting.

Trust yourself, trust the process, and trust the universe — and soon, you’ll find success knocking on your doorstep.