This Map Shows America’s Favorite Christmas Dessert And Surprisingly Only One State Voted For Candy Canes

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The Christmas season is all about spreading Christmas cheer and handing out sweets and let’s not forget about the hours spent baking multiple rounds of Christmas cookies!

There’s no doubt that there are many holiday sweet treats to choose from to lay out on your dining room table after everyone is finished with their Christmas ham.

More importantly, which Christmas desserts are the most popular?

According to Zippia, cheesecake is your number one answer and I can’t say I disagree!

Courtesy of Zippia

9 states out of the 50 like to chow down on cheesecake on Christmas day while 20 states dig cakes overall!

The other 12 states prefer candy and the remaining 10 lean toward Christmas cookies without any hesitation!

Speaking of cookies, the state of Missouri specifically wants vegan Christmas cookies and if we’re talking North Dakota, they want peanut butter blossoms in their holiday bag.

The most agreeable state in my opinion is Arizona who favors hot chocolate over anything else!

Sadly only one state voted for candy canes and Utah prefers well, Jolly Ranchers, surprisingly.

In conclusion? It doesn’t matter what sweet treat you prefer to chew on Christmas day, as long as you save room for dessert, everyone is happy.

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