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Maroon 5 Just Released A New Music Video That Looks Like It’s Filmed In Adam Levine’s Backyard

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You guys I love Maroon 5 and I was SO sad when I received notice that our summer concert was cancelled due to the virus. We even had plans to take our kids (it’s an outdoor concert venue).

But I think this new music video that Maroon 5 just released a few minutes ago might just be enough to hold me off until concerts become a thing again.

The music video was uploaded to the Maroon 5 YouTube channel titled Nobody’s Love.

As the video starts you see Adam Levine and he is sitting what appears to be in his own backyard.

Of course since recording studios are closed and many celebs are still social distancing, recording videos at home have become a thing.

Honestly, I love it.

It’s a great song and Adam looks FINE even with his head shaved bald. And that is saying a lot since I am pro hair (love my husband’s curly, spiky hair).

Adam is solo in this one so the rest of the band isn’t in it.

Aside from Adam and the song, the video gets a little stranger as it goes on…

Yup, he has quite a bit of “green stuff” on the table and rolls it up to smoke the joint…

Hey, no judgement here!

At the end of the video they also have a quote regarding that little tid-bit. Interesting stuff, right?

So, if you like Maroon 5 you will probably love this song and might end up putting it on repeat like me.

You can check out the Maroon 5 Nobody’s Love music video below. Enjoy!

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