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People Are Losing it Over Martha Stewart Posting a Topless ‘Thirst Trap’ Video 

Martha Stewart is 81 years old. Yes, 81!! And she looks incredible!

Aside from how amazing she looks at her age, people are losing it over a recent video she posted to social media… topless.

Martha Stewart took to Instagram to post a reel of her topless, wearing an apron and talking about coffee.


I mean, it’s obvious that watching it, it’s meant to be a sponsored video about Green Mountain coffee roasters but it’s still hilarious and has the internet roaring.

You can clearly tell that Martha Stewart is indeed, topless under her apron and I mean, she looks incredible.

And people are truly here for it…

Her video has already received over 5.1 million views and I think it’s safe to say, she really knows how to spice things up if you know what I mean…

Seriously, if all it takes is some Pumpkin Spice Coffee to look like that at her age, count me in!

You can watch the Martha Stewart thirst trap video below.