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So, People Are Making Mashed Potatoes Out of Lay’s Chips and I’m Not Even Mad

Whether you peal your potatoes or leave the skin on, mashed potatoes are a great side dish for dinner until you realize you have 8 potatoes to peel if you prefer your mashed potatoes smooth like butter.

So in order to cut time there must be a hack, and one brave individual on TikTok has started a trend to cut mashed potato preparation in half!

That is if you don’t mind dumping an entire bag of potatoes and watching them boil.

That’s right, according to several users who went viral on TikTok, you can boil Lay’s potato chips to make a heaping serving of mashed potatoes!

Now of course like any delicious side of mashed potatoes you should add, salt, pepper, garlic, butter and milk.


POTATO CHIP MASHED POTATOES?? Lays?? This was…weird to cook. ib @starley.reed #cooking #potato #mashedpotatoes #lays #chips

♬ original sound – Matthew Merril

Considering Lay’s chips are made from potatoes, it kind of makes sense right?

The finished results don’t stray too far from what a dish of mashed potatoes usually looks like and individuals are even saying the taste is very similar but the texture is a bit funky!

Peeled or not, are you willing to sacrifice a perfectly good bag of potato chips?

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