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McDonald’s Is Releasing a Frozen Fanta Strawberry Flavor Just in Time For Summer Sipping

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McDonald’s is proof that Taco Bell isn’t the only fast food chain that can whip up a viral frozen drink.

After the golden arches released a frozen Hawaiian Punch that fans couldn’t get enough of, it’s clear that McDonald’s is on a roll and only gaining more speed in the beverage department.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

The next carbonated soda to be turned frozen is one from the Fanta brand and needs no introduction.

What’s dubbed the Frozen Strawberry Fanta by McDonald’s, this frozen drink is exactly how it sounds!

Courtesy of @snackolator

A frozen beverage stuffed with the sweet taste of a plump strawberry, this chilled beverage will keep you cool during the summer!

Oh, and you have a little drool you might to wipe there.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

What might just be the new drink of the summer season, McDonald’s hasn’t released this drink nationwide just yet.

While the drink was first introduced to Hawaii only a while back, McDonald’s has also brought the drink to menus in Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

So if you’re lucky enough to already be a resident in those seven states do us a favor, and let us know how it tastes, please!

Here’s hoping the drink makes it’s way nationwide.

However in the meantime, who wants to take a roadtrip?

Courtesy of McDonald’s

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