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You Can Get McDonald’s Funko Pop! Halloween McNuggets And They Are Adorable

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I am obsessed!

You have to check out these Funko Pop! Halloween Holiday McNuggets.


Aren’t they awesome?!?

I am a sucker for all things Funko Pop! I can’t even tell you how many different little vinyl characters I own — regular size, mini size, huge, even mugs.

But, these Funko Pop! Halloween McNuggets are just about the most adorable Funko Pop! characters yet.


Expand your McDonald’s menu by adding Pop! McNuggula McNugget to your Ad Icons collection.


Each vinyl Funko Pop! Halloween McNugget is about 3.4 inches tall, and would look hella cute displayed in your house with your other Funko Pop! characters.

They are just the perfect size to hang out on your desk at work this Halloween season.


Yep, I’m putting mine on my desk. Don’t judge.

These Funko Pop! Halloween Holiday McNuggets will be released on September 10th, but you can pre-order them now.

Funko Pop! Halloween McNuggets

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