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McDonald’s Happy Meals Are Getting Squishmallows So, Get Ready To Collect Them All

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The Squishmallow crazy is coming to McDonald’s, so prepare to spend a solid few weeks getting Happy Meals every single day for the entire family!

I can’t even tell you how many little Build-A-Bears I got during the Build-A-Bear McDonald’s Happy Meal craze. It was a real problem. LOL!!

Once the Squishmallows hit McDonald’s, it’s on! I need them all.

Jazwares, the creators of the Squishmallows, announced this epic McDonald’s collab, and I’ve basically been jumping for joy ever since.

Don’t judge. I’m an 8 year old in an adult’s body, okay?


Happy Meals have featured so many iconic brands throughout the years, and this is a tremendous milestone for Squishmallows as we join forces with McDonald’s, one of the world’s most trusted and recognized brands.

Some of these McDonald’s Squishmallows will include a digital experience that you can access on your smartphone. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the packaging, and you can hear a musical playlist based on your Squishmallow’s personality.

In partnering with McDonald’s we are able to bring fans a 360-degree Squishmallows experience that includes exclusive digital playlists, and special edition Squishmallows that will create one of the most elevated Happy Meal programs to date.


There will be 24 different McDonald’s Squishmallows, and you are going to want to get them all.

This Happy Meal campaign brings the worlds of McDonald’s, Squishmallows and music together to elevate the fan experience and evolve our iconic Happy Meal brand in culture.  Adding exclusive music playlists to our toys is a first for Happy Meal and we are extremely proud to collaborate with Jazwares’ Squishmallows, the #1 plush brand worldwide, and Universal Music Group on this initiative


You won’t be able to find every Squishmallow at all the McDonald’s locations. Each store will have approximately 10-12 different Squishmallows. So, if you want to collect them, you have to travel!

I can already see myself driving to every McDonald’s in a 50-mile radius to get the different Squishmallow designs. LOL!!

Now, currently McDonald’s Happy Meals come with a Little Mermaid toy, and we aren’t sure exactly how long that campaign is going to be live.

But, these McDonald’s Squishmallows are already appearing in stores overseas, so I’m betting they get here sooner rather than later.

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