The McDonald’s Holiday Pie Is Back And Now The Holidays Can Officially Begin

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It is officially the Holiday Season. No turning back now.

You know it’s for real when Starbucks transitions to their red cups and brings out their holiday menu.

And, another thing that makes it officially the Holidays is back at McDonald’s — the McDonald’s Holiday Pies.

We can officially set up our Christmas trees, turn on the Christmas music, and start celebrating!

I crave this pie. It’s one of the things that marks the start of the Holidays, and it’s here!!

If you haven’t had one of these pies, you definitely aren’t living your best, most merry and bright life.

These pies consist of a buttery, flaky crust surrounding a thick, creamy, and smooth vanilla custard.

Oh my gosh. My mouth is watering!

McDonald’s doesn’t stop there. They top these festive pies with rainbow sprinkles that look like little bits of festive Christmas lights.

I’m telling you — diet be damned — you HAVE to try one of these McDonald’s Holiday Pies.

Now, they haven’t shown up in EVERY state yet, but they are definitely on the way.

Word is, McDonald’s needs to blow through their supply of Pumpkin Pies before bringing out the Holiday Pies.

Let us know in the comments if your state already has the McDonald’s Holiday Pies.

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