Why Do Some McDonald’s Restaurants Only Have One Golden Arch Instead Of Two?

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Despite having two golden arches that illuminate when a late night craving strikes at midnight, there are several McDonald’s chains that do not follow protocol.

Believe it or not, the popular fast food chain, home of the fresh fries and crispy chicken nuggets started with only one arch in their iconic logo instead of two!

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While many of us are familiar with the famous golden “M”, the trending golden arches started with only one.

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In fact, you can even visit several McDonald’s chains that provide only one golden arch and while the only difference is the other missing half to the letter “M” , you can expect the same irresistible food!

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Downey, California, Montrose, Colorado, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Muncie, Indiana, Lewiston, Idaho, Magnolia, New Jersey, Winter Haven, Florida, Belleville, Illinois, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Warren, Michigan,
South Houston, Texas, and Independence, Missouri are among the 12 states that still show the vintage single arch.

So if you are lucky enough to live nearby one of the famous vintage McDonald’s or if you’re willing to take a road trip, expect the food to taste the same, just with a different design.

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