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Meet Rae, The One-Eared Unicorn Dog Who Is Stealing Everyone’s Hearts

I’ve always been drawn to perfectly imperfect people and animals. There is just something extra special about them.

Image credits: goldenunicornrae

Golden Retrievers are one of my favorite breeds and I had even considered getting one. They are so smart, super lovable, and of course totally cute as pups and adults!

Rae is ear spelled backward! A special name for the special 12 week old Golden Retriever.


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♬ New Soul – Yael Naim

Little Rae is appropriately nicknamed ‘Unicorn’ because she only has one ear. It kind of looks like a unicorn horn!

See, Rae had an accident at birth that left her with only her left ear. As she grew older her right ear started migrating to the top of her head. Crazy unique!

Image credits: goldenunicornrae

She is absolutely adorable! Having only one ear won’t stop this girl! She already has a huge fanbase! You can follow her too!

Lovely little Rae is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Brianna Aardema was one of the people caring for Rae at Family Friends Veterinary Hospital.


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♬ Nolan Bobinger – nolanbobinger

Brianna fell in love with the little pup and knew she wanted to take care of Rae forever. I don’t blame her!