Meghan Markle Says When She Asked For Help For Depression and Suicidal Thoughts, She Was Told No

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Wow! I just can’t even believe what is happening.

If you are not watching the sit-down tell all interview between Oprah, Meghan Markle and Harry, you need to be.

Meghan is going through everything on why they left the royal family and she just spilled the beans about her suicidal thoughts.

She said that with everything going on with her, being painted as a villain, she was suicidal and depressed.

And apparently when she went to The Royal family for help, asking to see someone to help her, she was told no.

She was told that it wouldn’t be good for the institution which meant it’d be bad press.

She says, it’s a reminder that you never know what is going on behind closed doors.

She explains that it took so much courage for her to express her feelings and she admitted she was in a dark place and got no help.

Isn’t that just awful?

Can you imagine being in that deep dark place, wanting help, finally having the courage to ask for it, and being told no?

That is just horrible and I feel so bad for what she went through. Seriously, as someone who has been depressed and suicidal before, I can’t even imagine.

I just wish I could give Meghan a hug right now because this takes a lot for her to come onto national TV and express and relive those feelings all over again.

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  1. must be very good reason why they left good for them I love her

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