Men Are Decorating Their Beards with Flowers and It’s The Best Thing Since Men Rompers

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Remember when men wanted to wear men rompers?

Then there was denim speedos and more recently, men have wanted to wear pearls.

Well, now, men are decorating their beards with flowers and it’s probably the best thing ever.

I won’t lie, I don’t mind a mind that showcases his sensitive and a little bit of feminine side. After all, those ones make the best life partners.

And lets be honest here, flowers are for everyone!

Instead of men decorating their beards with glitter and ornaments like they do for the holidays, they are sporting fresh smelling flowers.

I actually sort of dig it. It’s cute, cool and unique!

Whether it’s just for photos or for sporting in real life, I am totally on beard…I mean, board with this idea.

Now I just need to get some flowers so I can do this to my husband’s beard…

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