Men Want To Wear Rompers. Get Over It.

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Today during one of my caffeine deprived breaks to scroll Facebook I came across not one, not two or even three, but SIX videos lambasting the “newest” male fashion. What fashion is this?

Rompers. Sorry, Romphims.

Men Want To Wear Rompers. Get Over It.

Yes, you heard me right. Rompers. The one piece outfit that can come in a number of lengths, styles and is normally seen on babies and called a onesie. The female romper made a comeback a few years ago in a big way, and now men want in on this easy, breasy fashion statement. Or at least that’s what a 3500% funded status on the RompHim’s Kickstarter page tells me.
Let me first say, my personal preference when it comes to rompers is a big ol Nar-Nope!

As a girl of size, I already wear layers just to smooth everything out a bit. The last thing I want is to wrestle my whole outfit off in a bathroom. But that’s me, and this isn’t about me. It’s about the dudes who want to wear a romper. Er, Romphim.

Back to those Facebook videos. There’s an extreme amount of hate being leveled at the idea of men wearing rompers willfully, almost exclusively by other men.

Some of the arguments include:

  • it looks gay
  • no real man would wear a romper
  • how do you pee?
  • rompers are for women

Excuse me while I chase my eyes down. They rolled right out of my head there for a moment.

Did you know that before the RompHim Kickstarter that has everyone up in arms, rompers for men were still being sold? While not a hugely popular American fashion statement, rompers are being worn around the world. That’s right, people are choosing to wear rompers.

Let’s break this down.

It looks gay.

I can’t believe I’m even going to acknowledge this point, but here goes. The word “looks” in this sentence is completely subjective. Did you know pink used to be a boys color? Do you know how many people flip out about the “gayness” of our son’s room being pink? ((Here, let me show you the field where I grow my fucks, oh… it’s empty…))

I’m not going to argue with someone who digs in about perceived appearances. There’s no winning with these people. These are the same ones who probably say my LuLaRoe leggings look ridiculous or I look gross in my Torrid bikini. If this is the argument people are staking their claim in, let them continue to be judgmental and biased.

How do you pee?

Well, I’m sure all men have practice whipping out their weewee to take a peepee. And if anyone wants to have a go at the, “It’s not easy to pee,” argument… let me show you my closet and all the articles of clothing that are not easy to go to the bathroom in. Welcome to what women go through all the time. A lot of the men’s rompers at least come equipped with a zipper for easy peeing. What I wouldn’t give for a few more options like that for women!

Rompers are for women.

Did you know that the earliest rompers were made for boys as active wear? That’s right. Just like high heels the romper was first for boys. They progressed to being clothing for children of both genders and remained a prominent article of clothing into the 1950s when they were first made as leisure wear for women. It still doesn’t change the fact that rompers were first for men. Yes, you mostly see children and women wearing rompers these days, it still doesn’t change history.

No real man would wear a romper.

This statement gives me all kinds of eye rolling, are you serious, I want to slap someone urges.

First, real men can be, do, wear whatever the hell they want. Period. End of story. No judge or jury necessary. Just like my leggings, bikini and pink hair, it’s not up for debate. A real man can wear a romper, just like he can also wear his hat backwards or Wrangler jeans. A real man can have a beard or not. A real man can fix his own vehicle or take it to a garage. The antiquated idea that a man has to be someone spewing testosterone around like a dog marking it’s territory at all times is quite frankly out-dated and ridiculous. Quite honestly, the people who say, “No real man would…” are simply defending their insecurities. A man wearing a romper threatens their fragile ego, and therefore must become the target of insults and degradation.

Real men are who they want to be.

I think we have enough to worry about in this day and age without creating unnecessary targets of someone’s fashion choices. The world would be a better place if we could just acknowledge that we have different fashion tastes and move on. Even better? How about giving someone brave enough to make a bold fashion statement a high five instead of tearing them down? I hope to one day see two guys in Rompers giving each other a high five just like how I see another person in LuLaRoe and high five them.

We wear what we want because it expresses how we feel inside. Not because it’s what we’re expected to wear or be. It doesn’t hurt anyone. So what’s the real deal with the hate? I don’t get it. But I love uniqueness. And if that comes in the form of wearing a romper for you, I wanna high five you someday.

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  1. Hi nathan i really loved your amateur video on xhamster, not the biggest D i saw but a good tool nonetheless

  2. So who are you telling to get over it? Other men who dont like it? Try again.

    1. that’s right!
      don’t let her tell you or anyone else to get over it.
      REAL men stay mad and complain

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