Metadata Expert Witness Testifies Amber Heard’s Alleged Abuse Photos Look Edited

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There have been big developments in the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial this week.

Yesterday, Johnny’s team welcomed an expert witness named Bryan Neumeister who is a metadata expert meaning he is an expert in the info behind a photo file.

During his testimony, he referenced an image of Amber Heard where she claims Johnny Depp physically abused her.

He admitted the image seems to be the exact same and stated that the colors in the photos had been modified and the file sizes were different.

Meaning – Amber edited the photo.

Now today, Amber’s team had their own expert witness on image metadata to try to discredit Johnny’s witness.

At first, he claims that the image meta data was the same but when asked if he could actually say all the images Amber presented are originals, he said no.

He also stated even he could see a clear difference in the photo in question.

Honestly, that just didn’t look good for Amber.

Over and over again it looks as-if evidence has been tampered with from Amber’s side.

It’ll be interesting to see what the jury decides after all of this is over as of tomorrow.

You can watch the video from the testimony on metadata yesterday below.

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