You Can Plant Mexican Torch Sunflowers That Have Bright Orange Petals

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If you’re looking for a flower that grows well with your not-so green thumb, sunflowers are the plant you want to pot considering these types of flowers bloom with very little attention.

Courtesy of @michi_nista

Rather than the typical yellow sunflower, think orange!

Enter: The Mexican Torch Sunflower.

The sizzling orange sunflower with bright orange petals that might just outshine the sun, a genuine heat lover, and the attitude of a cat, this flower likes to be left alone at times.

A plant made for the 9-5.

Courtesy of @dark_moon_maiden

In fact, it even tolerates infertile soil and drought alongside its low maintenance charm.

Courtesy of @guxtavvo

Decorated with a yellow to orangish colored middle, this type of sunflower is no stranger to bees and especially butterflies, all while sitting pretty in the backyard.

Courtesy of ZellajakeFarmGarden

With petals that can grow as long as 3 inches, expect this plant to tower over the others in height.

Courtesy of @caitx0r

Simply plant in the backyard or decorate alongside the driveway and watch the neighbors across the street glance in awe.

Courtesy of @guxtavvo

You can find the seeds for this striking, orange colored sunflower online thanks to Etsy shop owner @ZellajakeFarmGarden, for less than five dollars to plant this summer season; green thumb who?

Courtesy of @tendrilsgreen

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