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Michael Che Just Solved Gun Violence With A Single Instagram Post And He Deserves a Standing Ovation

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Leave it to a Saturday Night Live cast member to solve the looming gun crisis in America.

And, he did it in the most American way possible.

He hid behind his computer screen, and posted it to Instagram. LOL!!

ICYMI, right-wing conservatives have been hyperventilating and beside themselves, because Bud Light teamed up with trans TikTok star, Dylan Mulvaney, for an online promotion.

I mean, the fanatics have been publicly denouncing the beer company, and destroying their stock of Bud Light.

Kid Rock even went as far as filming himself firing a high-powered rifle at some cans of Bud Light in protest.

So, all this mass hysteria surrounding Bud Light got Micheal Che thinking — and he came up with a pretty genius idea.

He posted two simple pictures to Instagram — both white words on a black background.

In the first image, Michael is just thinking about everything that is going on with the Bud Light situation.

ya kno… a lot of people are not drinking bud light, cause the company used a trans person in their ad.. and these mostly right wing bud light customers have tossed all their bud lights in the trash in a blind rage.. and it got me ta’thinkin.. just hear me out..

Michael Che

But, then he gets an idea, and you are going to want to read this. LOL!!

what if we got trans people.. hear me out.. to do ads for guns..?

Michael Che

Bahahahahaha! Genius, right?!?

Commenters on the post find it as relevant and absolutely smart as I do.

What do you think? Did Michael Che just single handedly solve the gun problem?

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