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This Michael Myers Dance Battle Is The Most Epic Thing You’ll Watch Today

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One of my favorite horror movie characters is Michael Myers! Whenever I see someone dressed up as him for Halloween I get so excited, like a little kid at Christmas.

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Well, one dude that is terrorizing his neighborhood as Michael Myers this year is killing in a different way! This one is killing it with dance battles with the local neighborhood kids!

@candigirl74 TikTok

Why can’t I have a neighbor like this? My street is barely even decorated and that is totally bumming me out.

@candigirl74 TikTok

However, seeing this video put me back in my happy Halloween mood! Maybe I need to dress up and challenge the local kids to a dance-off, I could put those breakdancing lessons I had in the 4th grade to use.

@candigirl74 TikTok

It’s not every day that you see a stone-cold killer like Michael dancing with the kids in the street while blasting music.

@candigirl74 TikTok

He has the look down perfectly with a huge knife and blue jumpsuit! The creepy emotionless Michael Myers mask makes his dancing even cooler!

@candigirl74 TikTok

The young boy in the video looks like he is having so much fun and isn’t scared at all. They both have some wicked dance moves!

@candigirl74 TikTok

I’m not sure who won, but they did end it all with a friendly handshake and there wasn’t any bloodshed! I hope the TikTok video below makes you smile as much as I did! Happy Halloween everyone!


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