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The Original Cast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is Returning for a 30th Anniversary Special

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OMG I am so excited right now!! I better run off to dust off my pink power ranger costume from the 90s.

News just broke that there is reportedly a 30th anniversary special where the original cast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will reunite.

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The Illuminerdi reported that the original Power Rangers cast members may be returning to celebrate 30 years of Power Rangers.

Saban Entertainment

According to the report, all of the original cast members have been asked to return for the 30th anniversary special.

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We don’t know if they actually will, but if they do, this will be the first time it has happened since 1994.

WOW now I totally feel old. I grew up watching this with my brother. I was always the pink ranger and he was always the blue ranger.

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Again, we don’t know FOR SURE if this is happening but supposedly, the special will have a 44-minute runtime and is expected to be the grand finale of the Power Rangers series that has been running since 1993. 

Saban Entertainment

I am really excited about this and I hope it actually happens with the entire original cast returning! Fingers crossed!

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