You Can Now Get Soda That Tastes Exactly Like Mike And Ike Candy

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Whether or not it was Mike or Ike that decided their fruit flavored candy should be turned into a beverage, if this soda is anything like the chewy candy, we’re in for a treat!

Courtesy of @mikeandikecandy

A-Treat and the iconic candy brothers, owned by the Just Born brand have teamed up to create a fizzy beverage that is just as bright as the oblong candies in the green packaging.

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The Jaindl Companies, owner of A-Treat have created not one, but two carbonated sodas resembling two very red Mike and Ike candies.

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The two new sodas are Strawberry and Cherry flavored, two Mike and Ike candies you can chew and now drink!

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Each bottle is a bright redish, pinkish color which will be easy to spot on any grocery store shelf when looking for this flamboyant soda!

Courtesy of Just Born

“At Just Born, we love to find new ways to transform our iconic candies into innovative product offerings that our fans can enjoy, which is why we’re thrilled to be joining forces with A-Treat to create two all-new Mike and Ike-inspired soda varieties,” said Leslie McLauchlan, Mike and Ike brand manager.

Leslie McLauchlan
Courtesy of Just Born

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