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30 Awesome & Easy Minecraft Party Ideas

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So, I put together this 30 Awesome & Easy Minecraft Party Ideas…but then, as I was putting it together, I got a little crazy–there’s SOOO many cool ideas…just—Don’t start the party without me!

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So, apparently playing Minecraft is like going down the rabbit-hole and so is coming up with party ideas…for every link herein, you’ll find at least a dozen more…Enjoy!

  • Begin with these easy Cube Invites. Minecraft is obviously a game about building with cubes, and the cubic nature of the game is no doubt its most iconic feature, so it only makes sense that you’d introduce your Minecraft party with cube invites. They’re super easy to make and the payoff is well worth it. You’re sure to impress all of your guests with them. Plus, they are totally customizable, so you can make them look like any block in the game – the only limit is your imagination.
  • Then, imagine a Square Haystack Cake… No celebration is complete without a cake, and what better way to make a Minecraft-themed cake than to bake a square haystack. Not only is the haystack useful in the game since it can be turned into various foods, but it is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing blocks in Minecraft. It looks like a delicious cake, and the recipe is ridiculously simple to follow. You can make the inside any flavor you want, though we suggest you follow the recipe as closely as possible. 
  • Try a delicious Lava Punch. Lava is one of the most deadly blocks in Minecraft, but with this delicious punch recipe, it’s no more dangerous than a puddle of water. The great thing about this recipe is that it scales easily; you can make as much or as little as you want, depending on who is attending your party. What’s more, if you’re hosting an adults-only party, you can add liquor of your choice to add some fun into the mix. 
  • Bake a Fondant-Covered Cake. These tiny little block cakes are super cute and are even more fun for kids as they try to stack them together and on top of each other to make imaginative, delicious creations. Once again, you are able to customize these cakes and make them look like pretty much any block in the game, so be sure to have fun with different designs and see which ones you like most. Again, this recipe is easy to scale so you don’t have to worry about making too many or too little. 
  • Block Cake? Geez! See what I mean?! It’s like you can do ANYTHING, and there are just more ideas! Another of Minecraft’s most iconic in-game foods is the cake, which is actually placed as a block and can be eaten several times before it disappears. It doesn’t only have to be delicious in the game – you can make one yourself! Any kids who are familiar with Minecraft are going to go nuts over this delicious creation, though you might have to tell them not to punch it!
  • Party Games could get me back on track. And keep those kiddos busy. While there’s really nothing like playing Minecraft itself, doing so is not an option when you are hosting a party of more than four kids. Instead, if you are looking to bring Minecraft into the real world, we suggest that you try some of these Minecraft party games, which are sure to keep the kids entertained for hours while you catch up with the adults. They also pair well with some of the other crafts and ideas on this list, so stay tuned!
  • Make some MineCraft Trees and put them on the door to start the party right. Again, you’re going to want a strict no-punching rule when your guests arrive. Punching trees is one of the first things you do when you load up a new world in Minecraft, so we wouldn’t blame your little ones for wanting to earn the ‘Getting Wood’ achievement by hitting these stunning decorative trees. To take them a step further, you can even add some fairy lights to them to make them that much more magical and practical.
  • Creeper Pizza is an awesome, easy Minecraft party idea MUST! And don’t worry, this pizza isn’t going to blow up if you get too close. It’s perfectly safe to eat and has not been known to cause any random explosion. It also looks really cool, and we’re sure that the kids will love digging in. They’ll probably feel like they’re getting revenge on all the creepers that blew them and their house up in Minecraft – I know I would.
  • This Green Potion Party Punch makes me giggle. Potions are another fun item to use in Minecraft since they provide you with different effects and bonuses once they’re used. The kids can also pretend that they’re Witches, though you’ll have to tell them not to throw them at each other. Not only is this Green Potion Party Punch super cool to look at, but the recipe is also easy to follow and the punch itself is delicious. This’ll go down as a yummy treat. 
  • Creeper Cake—are we seriously back at CAKE?! Yup! Like I mentioned before, no party is complete without cake, and – as I’m sure your kids already know – you can’t have too much cake. If you’re not looking to eat a green pizza, then you might enjoy eating a green creeper cake, which not only looks awesome, but tastes even awesomer. Again, don’t worry about explosions here unless you have a serious candle malfunction, in which case I don’t really know how to help you. 
  • I’d like to play this Toss Game with the kids just to see who would win. And who doesn’t love even more creepers? This creeper toss game will keep your kids entertained for hours and is a great way to break up the party if you feel like they’re getting a little bored. Not only that, but you’ll actually be doing the little ones a favor by letting them improve their hand-eye coordination in a way that’s fun and relatable to them. They’ll feel like they’re hurling bombs straight at their in-game enemy. 
  • Creeper Balloons are not only hilarious, they’re easy to make, too. And what’s a party without balloons? Now I can’t guarantee that there aren’t going to be any random explosions with this craft since, well, they’re balloons, but balloons are meant to be popped anyway. I especially love the way that these look – they have a cool design on them that’s instantly recognizable, even if you haven’t really played Minecraft that much before. You can make as many as you want, so go nuts and fill up the room with floating creeper heads. 
  • I’d make this Jello-Water and hand the kids a straw, then make a game out of it! LOL! It’s a great way to make food fun, and there’s no such thing as too much fun at a party. As with many of the other recipes on this list, scaling this one is very easy. You won’t have any trouble making just enough to satisfy all of the guests that attend, no matter how few or many. You can also customize the recipe to change the flavor of the jello to your kids’ liking or go crazy and make a bunch of flavors. There’s no limit here. 
  • Mmmm…Creeper Rice Krispy Treats. Ha! You thought we were done with creepers, didn’t you? There’s nothing like a good Rice Krispy treat, and these are going to tantalize the taste buds of anyone at the party, no matter how old or young. You can make your own adjustments to the recipe here, too – my personal favorite is the classic vanilla flavor, but chocolate and strawberry go down very well too. Why not go for all three? The only limit is your imagination. 
  • Have fun playing this Nerf-Gun Target Game anytime–even after the party’s over! And, once again, you’ll be helping the kids out with their hand-eye coordination as they focus all of their mental energy on hitting the targets dead-center. Kids love to throw things at other things, as I’m sure you already know, so this is a great opportunity to incorporate some of that into your Minecraft party. Just be sure to stress the importance of safety. 
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  • Don’t forget to make some Party Favors. Party favors are a great way to let your guests know that you appreciated them coming to the party. If you’d like, you can combine some of the smaller crafts on this list and add them to small paper bags to give to your guests on the way out. That way, they get to take little pieces of the party with them to remember – and we’re sure that you’re going to want them to remember your Minecraft party.
  • I love this Torch Printable and tutorial–I’m totally doing that main shot of her as like an Instagram spoof! Like the Minecraft trees I mentioned earlier, if you’re looking to take this idea to the next level, you can add some fairy lights to the torches to make them actually glow. The kids will love it, too, since the whole point of torches in Minecraft is to provide light to an area. These torches also make a great prop for photoshoots and many other events – the possibilities really are endless. 
  • Go ahead, check out these Diamond, Carrot and Slime Ideas – and a ton of free printables, too! The diamond ones are my favorite. In Minecraft, Diamonds are one of the most valuable items you can get your hands on – before recent updates, they were used to create the most durable tools and armor in the game, which is what gave them their value. We’re sure that your kids are going to freak out when they see this diamond craft, just like they would if they were playing Minecraft!
  • Oh, and these awesome Coal and Gold Ideas – and more awesome free printabes…see what I’m saying about rabbit-holes?! Well, internet wormholes aside, these ideas are great for decorating your Minecraft party and making it that much more magical. There’s nothing more satisfying than deciding to go with a theme for a party, then seeing all of your plans come together as you hang the last decoration up and take a step back. With these ideas, you’ll be able to fully realize your Minecraft party and give your kids and their friends a night to remember. 
  • Brewing Station also works really well with the drink ideas we mentioned earlier. You can give the kids a plastic ladle and let them pretend that they’re scooping potions into their cups and drinking them to feel their effects. If there’s one thing that kids are good at, it’s having an imagination, and I don’t doubt for a second that they’ll absolutely love this craft idea. It also works as a great decoration.
  • Just need 5 minutes to get the next activity ready? Try this Minecraft Party Craft…wait…crafty-wah? If you want to get the kids involved in the creation process, then I strongly suggest this craft idea. It’ll give them the opportunity to use their hands and create cool decorations and items with their friends that they’ll play with for days after the party is over. 
  • These Party Bags seem like an awesome way to either start the party or end it… at this point, party bags are an essential party item, and it only makes sense that you include Minecraft party bags at a Minecraft party. If you really want to spoil the kids and send them home with some delicious treats, then these handy party bags are the way to go. Try not to overfill them!
  • This Shredder Knock Out Game could keep the kids busy for a while…thank goodness…I mean…no, that’s exactly what I meant. You’re always going to have something up your sleeve for the kids to do once they get bored with one party activity, and this is a great trump card to have. Like I mentioned earlier, this game will keep the kids busy for quite some time, giving you the opportunity to socialize with the parents and take a little break from the hectic festivities. 
  • Add a little bang for almost no buck by making these TNT Boxes. In Minecraft, TNT is not really a practical item but rather a fantastic tool for pranking other players. Your kids are going to have a blast placing these boxes next to their friends and running away, yelling, “It’s gonna explode!”. Just prepare for a lot of screaming in this case – in Minecraft, you never want to see TNT that you didn’t place!
  • Steve Cookies would be the icing on the cake–or is that the icing on the cookie? Steve is the character that you play as by default in Minecraft and is easily one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. So, it only makes sense that he would be included in a list of Minecraft party ideas, and what better way to do that than to make Steve Cookies!
  • You could just have fun with this free printable Wrapping Paper. Of course, if you’re celebrating a birthday, there are going to be some gifts involved. So, why not take your Minecraft birthday party to the next level by printing out this Minecraft wrapping paper.
  • Mmmm…I’d love a Thin Mint Brownie Parfait…hey, the adults get treats at the party, too! The kids can’t have everything, after all. 
  • Create a Castle Tunnel on a dime. Like, for reals, this is cheap–but awesome. And who said that fun has to be expensive? The kids will thoroughly enjoy crawling in and out of this castle tunnel, chasing after each other with their TNT and potions. Just watch out for messes!
  • Make these easy Cupcakes, then turn them into Minecraft-ian with the additional free printable topper AND wrapper! It’s cheap, easy, and effective, and the kids will adore it. This craft also works well with the block cupcakes I mentioned a little earlier. 
  • DIY Pickaxe and Sword for the Birthday Kiddo! No Minecraft adventure is complete without your trusty pickaxe and sword, and what better way to complete your kid’s adventure than to give them both? 
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This post contains affiliate links.

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