You Can Get A Heart-Shaped Box With Mini Bottles of Fireball Whisky To Spice Things Up This Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s day to me! I don’t want chocolates, I want THIS — A heart-shaped box FULL of TEN mini bottles of FIREBALL Cinnamon Whisky.

Courtesy of oldetymeliquors on Instagram

I don’t have a palate for most Whiskey drinks, no matter how fancy they are. I’ve tried. I know it’s the cool millennial thing to do, but I’m not a cool millennial. Ha!

UNLESS said Whisky is FIREBALL. That cinnamon flavor kicks me right in the taste buds, and burns like hell all the way down. And, I LOVE IT!

I can drink the crap out of some Fireball Whisky. I’ll drink it straight up, over ice, in mixed drinks. I don’t care. It tastes wicked good anyway I can get it!

I do have an absolute FAVORITE way to drink Fireball.

Get a glass of Hard Apple Cider on draft — or a bottle will do. Drop a SHOT of Fireball right on top. It’s called an Angry Balls drink, and it’s like a Cinnamon Candy Apple right in a glass. It goes down WAY TOO smoothe! You’re welcome.

So, what I’m saying is, for Valentine’s Day, I want this big ol’ heart box full of mini bottles of Fireball Whisky. I also want a case of hard apple cider on the side. Ha!

Now, there are some lucky people — and I’m highly jealous — who can find this heart full of Fireball Whisky right in their grocery stores.

Then, there are people like ME, who can’t get this Fireball Whisky at the Walmarts. Don’t worry. You can still find this delicious Valentine’s heart box right at your local liquor store. Until it sells out, that is.

Side Note: Did you know that Whiskey and Whisky are the same exact thing? The Scotts spell it one way, and the Irish spell it another. So, neither way is incorrect. There is your spelling lesson for the day! LOL!

So, when you go to get yourself a bottle of your favorite Whiskey — or Whisky — get your favorite Valentine one of these heart boxes of Fireball.

You might also get some roses for good measure. If you’re feeling a little frisky, you can even get Beef Jerky Roses. Just sayin’!

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