These Mini Electronic Money Vaults Are The Hottest New Way to Save Money

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Y’all if you’re wanting a fun way to save some money (even if it’s your spare change) look no further!

These electronic coin money banks are the hottest new way to save money and I can totally see why!!

These adorable little banks look like a bank vault and allow you to save your dollars and coins electronically.

These mini vault money holders went viral on TikTok and after watching a live video of a lady that was having people guess the code for a chance to win money inside one, I can see why! I was mesmerized.

Who knew an electronic bank would be so fun to watch, right?

Now look, I fully realize that saving is really hard to do right now but even if it’s a few dollars a day or just spare change, it all adds up.

And now is a great time to begin saving for your rainy day fund!

These piggy banks can store 600 pieces of coins or 100 pieces of paper money. And it’s all stored inside securely (you set up a pin code to open it).

Not only is it a fun way for you to save, it’s a fun way for the kids to save too!

Plus, they have a ton of different colors!!

You can grab your Electronic Coin Money Banks Here for around $23!

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