You Can Turn This Mini IKEA Doll Bed Into The Cutest Cat Bed Ever

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CUTE CAT ALERT! You have been warned. Your heart just might melt — so proceed with caution.

Courtesy of ikeakovel_ua on Instagram

This is absolutely the CUTEST trend EVER. People are taking IKEA doll beds, and converting them into cat beds. OMG! *Squee*

The IKEA bed they are using is the DUKTIG, and it is only 15 bucks!!

Some people are attaching them to the wall, and making them into a sort of climbing step ladder for the kitties. You know cats LOVE to climb, and this is the CUTEST cat tree around!

The DUKTIG comes with the linens you will need to make this into a cozy sanctuary for your furry friend.

It seems to be unanimous from the cats. This is one COMFY kitty bed.

I can’t even with these pictures! Gah!!

The DUKTIG is 20 inches long, 14 inches wide, and about 12 inches tall. It’s like IKEA made this doll bed with the cats in mind!

This cat bed — er, doll bed — is made of pine, and all you do to clean it is wipe it down with a clean cloth. You can throw the linens in a gentle machine wash cycle, and you can even dry them in the dryer.

You can get this cute DUKTIG bed right on the IKEA website! You can even get TWO, and secure them together to be BUNK BEDS!!

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