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You Can Get A Mini Santa Hat For Your Chickens And Bunnies So They Can Be Festive AF

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Everyone loves Christmas, right? This includes or pets as well as our livestock… even the chickens and bunnies!

J.W. Henderson – Etsy Reviewer

You can buy mini Santa Hats that fit chickens and bunnies and I really want some now! Actually, that’s not all! They can also be used on any other small critters you happen to have running around!

AdvaSenka – Etsy Review

Adorable little hat, perfect to sit upon my hedgehog’s adorable little head. 10/10 would annoy my hedgehog with this again

AdvaSenka – Etsy Review

We used to have an amazing Hedgehog named Mad Max and he would have looked so cute in one of these Santa hats! You can also use them on cats, tiny chihuahuas, guinea pigs, and even reptiles!


The tiny hats are glittery and red and made from card stock with the traditional white fluffy brim! It comes with an elastic chin strap to keep it in place while you get that perfect Christmas photo!


If you want one with a little bit different look that is floppy and soft check out this one. It would also fit a larger head like your big bunnies better.


You can pick up the first smaller style with the glitter look from HandMadeAmErika on Etsy. The second hat that is a little larger, you can buy from HappyHoppyStuffs on Etsy. The second one is also available in green!

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