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Miss Molly Moon Is Giving Everyone The Creeps With Her Strange and Unusual Videos

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If you haven’t yet heard of Molly Moon, give it a minute. She’s bound to end up on your “For You” timeline soon.

Miss Molly Moon makes unique horror videos, and her weird-ass videos have garnered over 293,000 followers.

They’re not gruesome or scary horror videos. They are more like total weirdness and jump scares — things you won’t quite expect.

Most of Molly’s videos start with her catchphrase — “Excuse me, Sir” — said in a robotic voice, followed by small vignettes that look very similar to The Sims video games.

Many times, an action prompt window will appear on the screen. You see a mouse cursor click the prompt, and the video continues.

It looks like Molly’s interacting with someone playing a game — a game which stars her.

You will find yourself binge watching Molly Moon’s videos, unable to look away and not quite knowing what the heck is going on.

In each video, the ending has a bizarre twist — one that you didn’t quite see coming.

In one, she seems to be reverting to cannibalism. In another, you see a drawer full of men’s drivers licenses. And, in yet another, her mouth unhinges, and she appears to be eating your face.

All the comments on her videos are totally positive — people are LOVING them!

You can check out Molly Moon’s TikTok page HERE.

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