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M&M’s Cookies & Screeem Flavor Is Returning For Halloween This Year And I’m So Excited

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M&M’s is bringing back its Cookies & Screeem flavor for Halloween this year, and I am ecstatic!

It is NEVER too early to talk about Halloween, especially when it’s about the candy!

There isn’t a Halloween treat I love more than M&M’s chocolate candies.

Heck, there isn’t ANY candy I love more than a handful of M&M’s.

And, M&M’s seem to come out with a different variety for EVERY holiday season, and I love them for it!

OMG, did you try the Sugar Cookie flavored M&Ms at Christmas time — to.die.for.

Mars, Incorporated

Well, M&M’s is about to do a reboot of a flavor they had at Halloween four years ago.

You might remember the Cookies & Screeem flavor that they brought out in 2017, just for Halloween?

Word on the street is that they may be bringing back this YUMMO flavor for THIS Halloween season!

GAH!! I’m getting my candy closet ready for an M&M’s stockpile NOW!

The flavor of the Cookies & Screeem M&M’s is white chocolate covered in a dark chocolate, and surrounded by a crunchy candy shell.

Mars, Incorporated

People say it tastes very similar to the chocolate creme-filled sandwich cookies we all know and love.

Now, according to a tip from @tmc_reviews on Instagram, M&M’s will be bringing the chocolate candies out for the 2021 Halloween season.

In the reboot version of this candy, instead of just having a solid black candy shell, there will be a mix of black, orange, and white.

Get ready, because this Halloween is already turning out to be on its way to EPIC!

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