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This Mom Shared Her Hack For Dipping French Fries In Ketchup On The Go And Its Genius!

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The hack is such a simple idea and I can not believe I never even thought to try it!

cookiteric – TikTok

All of these years I was squeezing ketchup as carefully as I could onto each individual french fry, hoping not to spill it on myself.

My poor children were not allowed to use ketchup in the car, yea… that was a definite car rule when they were little.

However, had I known about this easy hack they could have had the dang ketchup and dipped the fries as much as they wanted.

If you already knew this and didn’t share the knowledge with the rest of us… why?

Regardless I know now and now I’m sharing this simple life-changing (when it comes to the eating of french fries) hack with you!

Thanks to TikTok user Erica Kuiper for this amazing piece of knowledge!

cookiteric – TikTok

When Morgan was little and we would go through the drive-thru, we taught her to take the ketchup packet and tear it down this way, and then when you open the packet, she could dip the fries right in there.

Erica Kuiper – TikTok
cookiteric – TikTok

After you tear it down the long side you can squeeze the sides of the package to open it up and then you can dip your fries in easily!

You can see her TikTok post with the hack here!

cookiteric – TikTok

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