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This Mom Was Mortified By The Hilarious Card Her Daughter Gave Her Preschool Teacher

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This mom was mortified by a text she received from her child’s pre-school, and I can’t say I blame her. Ha!

Imagine you are going along, just kicking up the normal dust that you do everyday, and then you get a text from your child’s school saying that your kid gave their teacher an inappropriate note. Not only that, but the note was one that she “found” on your desk at home.

I’ll tell you what — my mind would start racing, trying to figure out what the heck she had gotten into.

That is exactly what happened to Brinn Williams.

The minute her school texted, I was like, ‘Oh no, Ruby is sick’.


Brinn’s Daughter Had Gotten Into Her Private Stash Of Stationery

The night before, her daughter, Ruby, had asked if she could make a card for her teacher. Brinn thought it was a sweet idea, and she told Ruby she could borrow some of the stationery she kept in her office.

“Ruby loves to draw and color and create cards for everyone,” Williams said. “Last night, she asked if she could use some of my stationery. I have rainbow stationery so I was like ‘Sure, of course, go ahead.”


The only thing she didn’t take into consideration was the box of cards sitting on her desk. The blank ones that she kept on the ready — all set to be filled out and sent.

I mean, there was colorful stationery RIGHT THERE! She never even considered that Ruby would take it upon herself to dig through the cards on her desk.

I bet she was totally kicking herself for not checking Ruby’s handiwork. That dang card was shoved in Ruby’s backpack, ready and waiting to be given to its intended recipient.

“She goes and does this almost every single night, so I had no reason to believe the card wasn’t going to look how it normally looks,” Williams said. “I didn’t look it over before she put it in her backpack.”


What Did The Text From Ruby’s School Say?

Brinn’s day was thrown slightly off kilter when she got the text from Ruby’s school asking if she was missing a card.

I can imagine her stomach immediately dropped, as she scrambled to filter through the files in her mind. What in the heck Ruby had gotten into?

Turns out, Ruby had found a super pretty card that she liked WAY better than the plain ol’ stationery on the desk.

The only problem? It was a card Brinn had gotten to give to her husband.

That outside of the colorful card said: “A best friend you can have sex with.” When you opened it up, the inside said: “How great is that?”

“I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I’m so embarrassed’,” Williams said. “I see these things happen to other parents and I’m like ‘Yeah, that doesn’t really happen.’ And now I’m like ‘Well, yep it does, because I’m seeing it firsthand right now.'”


There’s one more embarrassing side note to this story.

“The director of the school program is my husband’s boss’ wife,” Williams told TODAY, adding her husband, Josh, was mortified. “I thought he was going to die.”


Let this be a lesson. ALWAYS check behind your children. You never know what fun things are waiting to be discovered!

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