Here Are 4 Of The Most In-Demand Contract Jobs Paying From $16 Up To $48 Per Hour

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Have you heard the term “Quiet Hiring?”

It’s basically when a company decides it needs to fill a position.

BUT, Instead of hiring someone to fill the position, they either hire a contract employee or they encourage current employees to learn the skills needed to take on the job.

If you are looking for a great position that pays well, contract work might be where it’s at.

Here are 4 of the most in-demand contract positions per ZipRecruiter.com.

Delivery Driver — I have a couple of friends who have made a great side gig out of being part-time delivery drivers.

One of them delivers goods across state lines, one delivers packages locally, and one of them delivers food (like an UberEats or a DoorDash driver).

Sometimes a special license is required, but more times than not, you just have to have reliable transportation.

Average Salary: $16 / Hour

Administrative Assistant — It’s exactly what it sounds like.

You assist the administration of a company. This might include scheduling meetings, scheduling appointments, data entry, note taking, travel planning, and answering phones.

You don’t necessarily need a special degree to be an administrative assistant. Strong typing, communication skills, and organization would be very beneficial.

Average Salary: $18 / Hour

Sales Representative — Basically, you sell the company’s products and services to potential clients.

This usually includes following up with customers and ensuring their satisfaction.

Many Sales Rep positions do not require a special degree. Strong communication skills are definitely a plus for Sales Reps.

Average Salary: $23 / Hour

Sales Director — You would be in charge of recruiting, hiring, and training Sales Representatives.

It’s basically a step up from the Sales Rep. They are in charge of overseeing the sales division of the company.

You would analyze the numbers, and make sure your Sales Reps are reaching their goals.

Average Salary: $48 / Hour

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