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A Mother Made Her Son An “Abducted By An Alien” Costume And It Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen

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I’ve had some pretty amazing Halloween costumes back when I was kid. The first reason being is because my Nana hand stitched every single one.

You can say I’m biased, but my grandmother has some serious sewing skills.

Aside from my Halloween costumes, this little boy submitted his costume in a contest last year and it is truly one you have never seen before.

His mother Duong, made the inspired alien costume for her son Milo who has an interest in extraterrestrials. The two entered a costume contest together at Costume Works and even won the “Best Costume” trophy.

His mother got the DIY idea from Pinterest.

Courtesy of Costume Works

The DIY costume has several steps. Here is how Ms. Duong made the “abducted by alien” costume!

First, she grabbed 8 foam boards from Dollar General to make the body of the UFO. Then, she placed 4 foam boards together, drew a circle and divided each foam board into three sections, making 12 foam boards total. She states she did this twice for the top and bottom of the UFO.

Courtesy of Costume Works

Next, Ms. Duong cut each piece and removed one piece from the top and the bottom. She used duct tape to tape the 11 pieces together and did that twice over for the top and bottom.

Courtesy of Costume Works

She then cut a large hole out of the top and bottom for the alien to sit. She also spray painted the UFO with gold and silver.

However, the color scheme is totally up to you!

Courtesy of Costume Works

Using a clear punch bowl for the top of the UFO, she hot glued both the punch bowl to the UFO and the alien at the top of the punch bowl.

Don’t forget to hot glue the fairy lights on the top and bottom of the UFO, circular lights only at the bottom and colorful streamers at the bottom of the UFO as well.

Courtesy of Costume Works

In case you were wondering, PVC pipes are holding the UFO in place! Lastly, Ms. Duong spray foamed the ends of the PVC pipes to a box that was placed into a book bag.

If you look closely, Milo is wearing his book bag to make the UFO stand upright!

Congratulations to Ms. Duong and Milo for winning best costume last year! You two definitely deserve it and an A++ for creativity!

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  1. Hi, thanks for featuring my abducted by alien costume! I really enjoyed making it! I will be making a more detailed instruction soon if you could help me share the link in the future.

    1. @Duong Ho,
      Can you share your detailed instructions with me? My daughter saw this and is hoping I can make it for her this year! It is amazing!
      Thank you!