Mountain Dew’s Fan Favorite Dew-S-A Soda Is Officially Back In Stores!

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It was exactly three years ago when PepsiCo released the popular soda flavor Mountain Dew’s Dew-S-A and since it’s launch, the soda bottles were pulled from store shelves.

Courtesy of PepsiCo

The patriotic bottle combined three flavors in one and now, Dew-S-A is officially making a comeback coincidentally just in time for the fourth of July.

Courtesy of @parkcentralmarket

For those of you who haven’t taken a sip of the red, white and blue, Dew-S-A combines three different soda flavors including Code Red, White Out, and Voltage for a deep purple concoction!

Courtesy of @foodiewiththebeasts

You can expect a kick of cherry from Code Red, a smooth citrus flavor from White Out, and a raspberry, citrus and ginseng combination with Voltage.

Courtesy of @toxic_october

Individuals on social media are already posting the colorful bottle on Instagram, claiming the bottles and cans can be found at various retail stores including Walmart,  King Scoopers, and Kroger.

Courtesy of @_galvatron_007

As we’ve seen in the past, Mountain Dew has a tendency to introduce flavors and then pull them off shelves without any warning so while you can, you can find Mountain Dew’s Dew-S-A in cans and bottles for a limited time!

Courtesy of @u/mastersaints888

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