Mountain Dew Just Released a Fruitcake Inspired Soda Just In Time for the Holidays

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When it comes to Mountain Dew, there seems to be no limit when it comes their soda flavors.

And when it comes to the Christmas season, the Dew is no amateur in concocting holiday flavors, just look at their Gingerbread soda, Merry Mash-Up, and Holiday Brew just to name a few.

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However this year, the soda company wants you to forget cookies and milk for Santa this year and rather replace dairy with carbonation.

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Dubbed the Mountain Dew Fruit Quake, the soda gets its inspiration from a classic dessert most commonly eaten around the holiday season.

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And what’s that dessert you ask, and no it’s not grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe nor dad’s crustless pumpkin pie, but rather the answer you’re looking for is fruitcake!

The soft cake typically made with dried fruit is Mountain Dew’s latest inspiration when it comes to their new holiday flavor, and even the packing is just as festive.

Decorated in red and green, Christmas trees, and wrapped presents, if Mountain Dew’s Fruit Quake tastes anything like fruitcake, we expect this soda to sell out quickly!

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And you can find the new Fruit Quake flavor socked on store shelves now so you can pour a tall glass for Santa later.

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