Mountain Dew Drops New Baja Blast Flavors Just in Time for Summer

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Do the Dew this summer!

Mtn Dew

If you love an ice cold, refreshing Mountain Dew on a hot summer day, this is for you!!

Just in time for Summer, Mountain Dew drops new baja blast flavors and I can’t wait to stock up on all of them!

Mtn Dew

Mountain Dew New Baja Blast Flavors

This summer, not only is the original Baja Blast returning to store shelves, they are bringing friends with them – new baja blast flavors.

Mtn Dew

For the first time ever, there will be an energy drink with the Baja Blast flavor. MTN DEW Energy® Baja Blast® has all the flavor of the original Baja Blast in addition to the added benefits of citicoline, zinc and caffeine, which provide a jolt of energy and a boost to mental clarity, all with zero added sugar.

Mtn Dew

The two new baja flavors are Baja Mango Gem and Baja Gold, a tropical pineapple flavor.

Mtn Dew

Plus, fans can enter the sweepstakes by entering under-cap codes at TreasuresOfBajaIsland.com on participating Baja flavors to be entered to win a daily prize of $1,000.

Fans who want to enter for a chance at the grand prize: MTN DEW BAJA DEEP DIVE, an exclusive, never-released Baja flavor!

Ahhh this is so exciting and I cannot wait!! 

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