Mountain Dew Is Bringing Back Their Raspberry Lemonade Flavor and We Are Here For It

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Um, this is fantastic news if you ask me!!

Remember about a year ago when Mountain Dew released a new flavor called “Spark” that was a raspberry lemonade flavor? It was originally just available at select convenience stores in limited quantities. 

Well, turns out, people loved it so much, Mountain Dew has decided to bring it back and this time, it is in stores nationwide. YAY!

“Each time we released MTN DEW SPARK, DEW Nation’s enthusiasm was off the charts. Some people traveled significant distances just to get a taste,” “Now fans everywhere can get a taste of MTN DEW SPARK. We are pleased to bring it to shelves nationwide, and also introduce a brand new zero sugar beverage with the same bold flavor.”

Pat O’Toole, vice president, marketing, MTN DEW

Oh and if you’re watching your sugar intake like I am, great news – – they are also releasing a Zero Sugar version of it as well! SCORE!

Both MTN DEW SPARK and the new MTN DEW SPARK Zero Sugar can be found nationwide where DEW beverages are sold, and online in 20 oz. single bottles, 12 oz. single cans and 12-packs, amongst a variety of other single and multipack sizes.

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