Mountain Dew’s New Liberty Brew Promises 50 Flavors In One Drink

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‘Murica and Mountain Dew go together like… uh like, something two things that haven’t really had anything to do with each other.

That is, until now. Mountain Dew’s New Liberty Brew (you can get it at Target here) promises to be better than their Baja Blast, but anybody who’s chowed a Doritos Locos Taco at 3am and washed it down with the Blast slushie begs to differ.

Supposedly it tastes just like a bomb pop popsicle.

Which is pretty much the most bombest of all, if you ask me.

But some people are saying it tastes like the holy grail of deliciousness.

PEPSI BLUE. I don’t know, that sounds too good to be true.

I think it’s more of a code red/voltage flavor. Either way it’s fruity and dewey.


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