Move Over Toilet Paper, You Can Now Get Coin Compressed Towels And I’m Stocking Up

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I cannot find paper towels for the life of me these days. Who else is having this problem?

If you answered yes, then you should know that there IS a solution to your paper towel problem and we can thank a young lady on TikTok for bringing this to our attention!

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The product is similar to those toys that grow in water, remember those?! Well, instead of growing toys to play with, we can grow something that’s more in demand.

Courtesy of Amazon

They’re called Coin Compressed Towels and my days of endlessly searching for paper towels at grocery store outlets are OVER. I’m just upset I didn’t see this product sooner!

Thank you @Maddie Quinn, for sharing your Amazon find because I can guarantee, that you just lifted a ton of weight off of people’s shoulders!

The product is simple, and all you have to do is place it in warm or cold water and in several seconds, you’ve got yourself a paper towel. Each coin tablet equals acts as one paper towel.

You can get 200 pieces for just $18, now that’s the best thing I’ve heard all day!

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Oh! And if you’re a big camper like I am, then these should certainly be included on your next trip!

They save space, cost less for more and work just as well to clean any surface or to even dry your hands with, because the material is also super soft!

Courtesy of Amazon

And if you don’t camp very frequently, stocking these in an emergency kit could go a long way!

The matter of the fact, is that this product should be in every household, whether it’s for an emergency, on the go, outdoors or simply just wiping up your kitchen counters with!

You can get the coin compressed towels here.

Courtesy of Amazon

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