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My Backyard Is My Happy Place

I write about a lot of stuff I love, but what I am loving more than anything on the planet right now is my backyard. To me, it’s the happiest place on earth.

my backyard

I love love love these chairs, FOREVER I had plain white plastic chairs out by my pool, and they were the WORST. Basically, I was constantly worried I was going to sit down in them and they were just going to fall apart right under my big ‘ol booty. So I went on a hunt… a hunt for the perfect super sturdy chaise lounges. I searched EVERYWHERE!

world market chaise lounges

It was kind of ridiculous, really. I wanted bright, colorful backyard furniture that popped! I think I found it!

World Market Wood Praiano Chaise Lounger (1 of 1)


As for the metal furniture, it was in my grandmother’s backyard. I just spray painted it with some bright paint, and it makes the perfect accent pieces!

World Market Wood Praiano Chaise Lounger (2 of 1)-2

I still can’t get over how cute these umbrellas are, and the shade means I can sit outside with my laptop. I work from home, so I am probably going to need that this summer!World Market Wood Praiano Chaise Lounger (2 of 1)That pattern. I wish everything in my life was this colorful.

Shop The Look:

I got my chaise loungers at World Market. They’re the Wood Praiano Chaise Lounge Chairs.

The cushions are from World Market, too.

My umbrellas came from Home Depot.

Happy Summer!


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