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You Can Get A My Little Golden Book About Dolly Parton And I Totally Need One

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I grew up listening to Dolly Parton, I’m even old enough to remember ‘Dolly’, which was her television variety show.

Dolly Parton has always been one of those celebrities that seems more like a friendly neighbor, anytime you hear her talk, you want to sit a spell and listen.

I think this is what makes her lovable to people of all ages, the love out there for Dolly is very similar to what you see for Betty White.

Not only is Dolly Parton a great musician and singer, but she has also been in movies, on television, and we can not forget about Dollywood!

I have to confess that I love Dollyworld more than Disney… yep!

Dolly Parton just turned 76 years old and she is still going strong with her career and living life, she even launched her own cake mixes recently!

She has fans of all ages and she also gives back so much to others, I mean, have you ever heard of her free book program for kids?

What Is The ‘My Little Golden Book About Dolly Parton’ Book About?

Well, now children and grown-ups of all ages can learn even more about Dolly Parton and her amazing life with the new ‘My Little Golden Book About Dolly Parton’ book.

What’s not to love about Dolly Parton? The multi-talented entertainer is generous, humble, smart, and funny. This Little Golden Book biography shares how someone from incredibly poor beginnings can blossom and persevere to become an award-winning songwriter and singer, actress, author, literacy advocate–and she even has her own theme park! Young girls and boys will definitely feel inspired after hearing Dolly’s story.

Amazon book description

This book is all about working hard to make your dreams a reality and we all could probably use a copy to read!

It covers her life starting when she was a little girl growing up in Tennessee and shows the path to her career as an iconic country music star and all-around amazing person.


This Little Golden Book is the most adorable Dolly Parton biography and would be a great addition to any library and a book for all ages to enjoy.

You can buy your own copy of ‘My Little Golden Book About Dolly Parton‘ on Amazon and it’s just $6!

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