The ‘Nacho Table Trend’ Is The New Hot Way To Eat Nachos and I Am So In

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Nacho tables exist, and I may have just teared up a little bit.

TikTok is the social media site that just keeps on giving and giving, doesn’t it?

Want to learn a new dance? Go to TikTok.

Want to learn sign language? Go to TikTok.

Want to learn cooking hacks? Go to TikTok.

Want to try new food trends? Go to TikTok.

Want to see or do pretty much anything? Go to TikTok!!

Now, TikTok is showing us how to make a nacho table, and I’m never going back to having regular nachos on a boring ol’ plate again.

All you need is a table, covered in aluminum foil, and you are set to layer up your nachos!!

The way it works is, you make a big pile of chips, and scatter them on the table.

Use whatever toppings suit your fancy, and get to heaping your ingredients all around the chips.

Grab your meat, cheese, onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, creamy queso, and of course, your chips, and get to dumping everything on that covered table!

Then, you just have everyone sit around the table, surrounding the delicious pile of nachos.

To eat, the people just pick up chips, and go to town on the other ingredients. No need for plates, and fancy things like that!!

Now, you might be all cringy, because, you know, social distancing.

Well, you can do this with your immediate family members — you know, the ones that live with you.

Once you get the nacho thing down to a tasty science, and the world opens back up, you can totally invite everyone over for a nacho fiesta!!

To see a nacho table in action, watch this TikTok video by stefherder.

And Stephanie — if you are reading this — I want to be invited to your next family fiesta!!


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