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For Natalie Whipple

Natalie Whipple is one of those super cool people in the writing world that I love to read about. She has a super cool blog, and amazing drawing skills to boot. She’s like nine different kinds of fabulous, and the other day she posted a video where people ran on water.

(I couldn’t find the actual video, but it was something like this)

Well, being the queen know-it-all that I am… I jumped right in her comments section and told her what was up:

Gah! Why did I do that? Why did I spoil the secret? Shouldn’t I just let them have the magic?

Poor Natalie was so sad after I posted it that she tweeted:

Yup, I did that. I made her all sad. And for what? So I could be right… geez.

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about that this weekend, and so I decided to search the internet and prove her right!

So, Natalie… this one’s for you:

It’s a mixture of cornstarch and water–sometimes it’s a solid, and sometimes it’s a liquid.

Turns out people CAN walk on water, as long as they have all the right tools. 🙂

Surely we can find some sort of writing lesson in that, right?

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