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Nerds Gummy Clusters are Coming and I’m So Excited

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One of my most favorite candies is Nerds! I used to walk down to the corner store and load up on some Willy Wonka, Nerds being one of them. I loved being able to get two flavors in one and the packaging was so cool and different than anything else back then.


To this day, Nerds are still one of my favorite candy choices! The Grape and Strawberry are my favorite! Just open and pour right into your mouth! No sticky hands necessary!


I even get Nerds in my Sonic Slushes! So GOOD! I always get the Grape Nerds Slush from Sonic.


Now, they reportedly have something new coming out soon! Nerds Gummy Clusters! Crunchy and chewy together!

The company that puts out all of the fun Willy Wonka candy is called Ferrara Candy Company. They have decided to take my favorite crunchy Nerds candy and combine it with a gummy! How interesting!


So really, it is like the Nerds Rope, but in a bit-sized form from what I can gather from the description.


This will make it easier to pop in your mouth instead of carrying a long rope around to chomp on! I love this idea! Perfect for a night at the movies right? So far there is no release date for this new candy, but I can not wait to try them!

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