Nestlé Toll House Just Released Cinnamon Roll Cookie Dough Which Means Your House Will Smell Like Fall Whenever You Bake

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When cinnamon rolls meets cookie dough, the two combine for a soft and pillowy cinnamon taste.

An easy way to make sure the entire house smells like fall is by baking fall flavored foods, like apple pies, pumpkin cookies, caramel desserts, and cinnamon roll cookie dough.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

While you may not be familiar with the last one, Nestlé Toll House is making sure their neweset creation (cinnamon roll cookie dough), becomes a common sweet treat during the fall season.

Courtesy of Nestlé Toll House

The new delectable treat features the same cookie dough texture just like grandma used to make, including cream cheese pieces, and cinnamon flavors.

Courtesy of @CandyHunting

The roll of sugar lets you slice each cookie to the size you want instead of being packaged in pre-cut pieces; so go big or go home!

The 16.5-ounce limited-edition cookie dough tube is stocked at grocery stores and mass retailers now, for $2.97!

Courtesy of @coolrandomfinds

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