Nestlé Toll House Is Releasing Halloween Fudge Cookie Dough That Is Stuffed With Halloween Sprinkles

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Nestlé Toll House is putting the fudge, in Halloween this year and by that, I mean the cookie dough Toll House is offering an entire new recipe of Halloween cookies for the fall.

Considering that candy, sweet treats, and the smell of cookie dough is what makes the time of spooky season scary and sweet, this new cookie dough brings the spooky and the sugar to the table!

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The new trick-or-treats cookie dough includes a fudgey background with appropriately colored Halloween sprinkles including flying ghosts and bats.

Courtesy of @nestletollhouse

Forget everything you once knew about baking regular chocolate chip because these cookies should be the main centerpiece on Halloween night.

Courtesy of @nestletollhouse

The surrounding colors of yellow with a deep purple center on the packaging get us excited for both fall and spooky season and not to mention, the lost souls of ghosts decorated on the front with leaves falling to the ground to make this sweet treat even more tempting to indulge in.

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Better yet, Nestlé has decided that they aren’t waiting for fall to roll around because the new trick-or-treat cookie dough will be available nationwide in stores for a limited time only beginning in August!

Now remind me, is it trick-or-treat smell my feet, or trick-or-treat smell the cookie dough…

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