Netflix And Baskin Robbins Opened Real ‘Scoops Ahoy’ Locations From ‘Stranger Things 3’

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If you enjoyed watching Stranger Things 3 this past weekend and found yourself wanting to try some ‘Scoops Ahoy’ samples for yourself, you are in luck!

Netflix And Baskin Robbins Are Teaming Up to Make ‘Scoops Ahoy’ From ‘Stranger Things 3’ A Reality by opening pop-up shops across the nation.

Netflix and Baskin Robbins have already begun opening a few Scoops Ahoy locations, complete with 80’s decor and reminiscent of the show and the decade in which it takes place.

Baskin Robbins even posted a quick trailer that has a vintage vibe to it on Facebook.

In addition to these incredibly brilliant locations, they are debuting their very own U.S.S. Butterscotch Sundae (which is made up of butterscotch ice cream, chocolate, strawberry and topped off with three waffle cone sails, whipped cream, and sprinkles.)

And if that wasn’t enough, you can snag yourself a waffle cookie that even Eleven would be impressed with…

Guests can still experience the Upside Down and Demogorgon Sundaes, the Byers’ House Lights Polar Pizza® Ice Cream Treat, the Elevenade Freeze, and limited-edition Stranger Things fresh-packed ice cream containers.

You can even snag some seriously epic Stranger Things 3 swag while you are there getting your ice cream fix.

Don’t forget Baskin Robbins is offering their $1.70 scoops this month since there is 31 days (will happen on 7/31/19) so take advantage of that too!

But if you really can’t find a location near you, keep an eye out for the Stranger Things themed ice cream truck.

According to the official Baskin-Robbins website, you can be “on the lookout for a traveling Scoops truck near you!” where it will be traveling across the West Coast.

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