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Netflix’s ‘Banana Split’ Is The Movie That You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

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There is a movie on Netflix, that you have undoubtedly never heard of.

It is called Banana Split, and it is the perfect Gen Z rom-com.

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The film is about a girl, April, who is grappling with the break between her and her longtime high school boyfriend, Nick.

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As she is struggling with the devastating loss of her relationship, April becomes best friends with a girl whom she has just met, Clara.

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Coincidentally, this new girl happens to be the NEW girlfriend of Nick.

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Things could get really weird really fast, or the two girls could become total instant forever besties.

Courtesy of Movie Trailers Source on YouTube

This show is less about romantic relationships, and more about the bond of friendship, which is a refreshing change.


We have been inundated with movies like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth. We have watched shows like Never Have I Ever. These are all great, but they tend to be more about the romance, and less about lasting friendships.

April, whom the movie is centered around, is played by Hannah Marks. She not only stars in the film, but she co-wrote the screenplay. She based the story on her own life, as writers tend to do.


Many of the actors in this show were child actors who grew up with each other, working their craft and maneuvering their way through Hollywood.


Hannah has also been in projects like Weeds, Necessary Roughness, and The Amazing SpiderMan, just to name a few.


Dylan Sprouse, who plays Nick, was in The Sweet Life Of Zack and Cody, Big Daddy, and even a few episodes of the TV show, Friends. He took a break from acting, but returned in 2017 with the film, Dismissed, which went straight to video.


Liana Liberato, who plays Clara, has been in the industry since she was 9 years old, acting in projects like If I Stay, and Light As A Feather.


You can see their movie, Banana Splits, right now on Netflix.


See a trailer for Banana Splits below.


* Parent Warning: This is NOT a show for the littles. There are a LOT of naughty words, grownup subject matter, and scenes that include sexy time. Watch accordingly.

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