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The ‘Floor Is Lava’ Is Netflix’s Newest Game Show That’s Turned Our Favorite Childhood Game Into A Reality

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So not only is Netflix bringing back on a reboot of “Unsolved Mysteries“, But they are have also brought us a brand new game show!

This newest game show from Netflix is called Floor is Lava! You can probably already picture some of what it may entail in your head simply from the name alone.


Remember being a child and jumping from pieces of furniture so that you did not touch the floor, because the floor was lava? But it really wasn’t lava, we just had awesome imaginations… well, this game as a lava-like substitute. It looks like this girl is a pro at the home game…


So in this game, there are 3 teams that are competing against each other. Watching the preview kind of reminds me of watching “Wipe Out” or “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” (MXC). Do you remember those shows? A lot of danger and a lot of laughing involved with that one.


There is absolutely no way that I could be a contestant, but I sure do want to watch it! There is just something about watching other people fall that makes me laugh. Don’t worry, I do my own share of falling and everyone laughs at me.


In this new game show, contestants have to climb, jump, swing and do whatever they can to get through the obstacles without falling into the lava.

In reality, the lava is a just warm lava colored pool like water. No burning is involved, because you know, that would be a little TOO dangerous.


You really do have to be some sort of athlete to handle the courses that are set up. I mean, you need to have coordination, quick thinking, upper body strength, and also be agile. I have none of these traits.


Every player that makes it to the other side gets a point. In the end, the team with the most points wins $10,000!

Check out a little sneak peek below and let me know if you think you could do it! it is available for streaming on Netflix now, so I know what we will be watching today!

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