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Netflix Is Raising Prices For Subscribers… Again

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Welp – can’t say I didn’t see this coming…

Inflation is at an all-time high and everything across the board is increasing now including, Netflix.

If you’ve been watching your finances more now than ever, you’ll want to be prepared because Netflix is raising their prices…again!

The last time we saw a Netflix increase was in October 2020.

When is Netflix Increasing Their Prices?

Effective immediately for new subscribers, Netflix has raised the prices of two of its three subscription tiers in the United States, affecting the majority of its customers in the country.

Current subscribers will be notified prior to their next billing statement of the increase in pricing.

Last time the basic plan stayed the same but this time around, all of the Netflix plans are seeing a price increase.

How Much Will Netflix Now Cost?

Netflix’s basic plan, which does not include HD streaming and limits users to a single screen, will increase by $1 from $8.99 per month to $9.99.

The standard plan, which allows users to stream on two screens in high definition, will now cost $15.49 per month, up from $13.99. The premium plan, which includes 4K streaming and allows up to four people to watch at a time, will rise to $19.99 per month, an increase of $2.

Again, new customers that sign up for Netflix, will have the new prices be immediately introduced. Existing customers will see the increase on their next billing cycle, sometime over the next month.

So, for those of us (like me) that get Free Netflix through T-mobile, we shouldn’t see a change at all.

But if you do happen to see a price increase on your bill, you’ll now know why.

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